WRITTEN BY: Andrew Owen

Review: Sol3 Mio’s stage selfie part of a perfect performance

Now that’s how you take a selfie.Opera stars Sol3 Mio were so delighted to return to New Plymouth’s TSB Bowl of Brooklands on Saturday night they took a photograph to commemorate the event – with their audience as the backdrop.

The trio, brothers Pene and Amitai Pati and their cousin Moses Mackay, had already delighted more than 2000 fans with more than two hours of music – encompassing everything from well-known arias such as Nessun Dorma to songs made famous by the likes of Dean Martin, Sir Tom Jones and even Coldplay – when they decided to take a snap of the occasion.

It was a perfect illustration of how these performers approach their craft – they enjoy the event as much as their audience – but not quite, perhaps as much as the lady who, near the end of the show, jumped into the lake in front of the stage and continued to dance.

Even the trio gave her a round of applause.

Sol3 Mio certainly know how to put on a show.

Other than guest pianist Clair Caldwell in the first half, which mostly featured opera and musicals, they were the only figures on stage.

They accompanied themselves on ukulele, double bass, piano and hand drum in their second set, which leaned more towards pop music.

Apart from projected backdrops the three relied on only backing tracks and their immense talent.

It is rare to see performers so relaxed on stage.

Throughout the night they told stories, laughed and enjoyed ribbing each other with good-natured one-upmanship.

After a solo, Amitai left the stage, saying “take that, sucker”, to his brother as he walked on for his own turn in the spotlight.

The fact that many a large audience was watching didn’t matter. Sol3 Mio were having fun.

Part of their appeal is the way they make what they do seem effortless – it isn’t – but they make it appear so.

They closed with a rousing rendition of their hit song, I See Fire.

From my position in the audience I saw no flames – but I did see hundreds of very happy people who are sure to return the next time these immensely talented boys hit town.

– Stuff